Specialists in design and manufacture of chimneys and ducts

40 years of experience
Founded in 1983
Top 5 in Europe
Leader in Spain
40 countries 
where our products are installed
18.000 projects and solutions
per year
360 days
non stop production
24h a day

Communication with our customers is essential: it allows us to identify their needs, and from there to research and innovate to further improve our products, or to create entirely new products.This dialogue also allows us to provide tailor-made solutions, so that they perfectly match what they need.


While our experience is very useful to us in responding to our customers' needs, we are constantly researching to provide solutions that are better adapted, even more secure, easier to install and maintain.

Security and quality

In our industry, more than any other, safety is paramount. That's why all our products are internationally certified, and why we ourselves, through our involvement with leading regulatory bodies, are pushing for ever-higher standards.

Service, advice and support

From the simplest solutions to the most complex projects, we try to make things as easy as possible for our customers: advising them on the optimal solution, offering solutions that are easy to install.And our work doesn't stop after a sale has been made: we offer an advanced support service.


Adjusting to the needs of the projects, making the appropriate modifications according to the market in which we find ourselves, looking for competitive solutions: adaptation is key for us.

Social responsibility

The social and environmental sustainability of our activity is a very important factor in every aspect of our business.This is manifested in the application of very strict protocols in order to ensure the safety of our workers, protect their health and that of everyone else, and guarantee a minimum environmental impact.