Dinak at TechShow Frankfurt 2024

Once again, Dinak has unveiled a comprehensive array of products tailored for the extraction of combustion by-products. This occasion spotlights their highly specialised solutions for Data Centres, specifically addressing uninterruptible power supply systems, crucial for their seamless operation.

As a pivotal rendezvous for key stakeholders in the sector, Dinak seized the opportunity to convene and showcase to clients and prospective customers once more, the propositions comprising its specialized portfolio.

Tailored to different application scenarios, the product presentation focused on the three main product ranges that currently form a precise and customer-focused offering, adapted to their needs:

An excellent choice to ensure effective fire compartmentation and smoke control across various sectors.

It holds all the necessary certifications for fire compartmentation up to EI 240/120, certified for both interior and exterior fire conditions. This includes vertical compartmentation passages (EI 120 ve (i↔o) / EI 240 ve (o→i)) and horizontal sectorization passages (EI 120 ho (i↔o) / EI 240 ho (o→i)). The assembling system between parts facilitates their installation, speeding up times and guaranteeing gas tightness. Assembly without the need for press-fitting

  • GE+

Specialized range for gas evacuation in generator sets, data centers, fire pumps, and cogeneration systems under dry conditions.

The Dinak GE+ product range is available in different insulation thickness configurations (30 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm), in order to select the one that best suits the needs of each installation. Easy installation is ensured through a connection system that accelerates assembly and ensures gas tightness without requiring press-fitting. Moreover, the absence of compensators is made possible by individual absorption of internal and external wall expansion.

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  • Self Standing Chimneys, Structures and Masts:

    Currently, Dinak has a specific portfolio of solutions focused on system management, which complements large projects and works through:

    - Self-supporting solutions: offering versatility to suit various applications based on the project's technical specifications. Whether it requieres a double wall insulated selfsupporting chimney with resistant inner wall (CIR), a Chimney with supporting outer wall (CER), or Self-supporting chimney with multiple insulated inner walls and supporting outer wall(CERm), Dinak guarantees customized comprehensive projects. Plus, our collection includes a wide array of accessories, ensuring every project has all the necessary components for seamless installation.

Dinak at Tech Show Frankfurt 2024
Dinak at Tech Show Frankfurt 2024

- Structures: self-supporting reticulated solution fixed to the ground supplied with the modular chimneys installed.

- Masts: self-supporting solution fixed to the ground or to the wall for the modular ducts to be set-up on site.

Once again, the entire team in the area had the opportunity to present various real-life cases, which were undoubtedly highly appreciated by the audience accustomed to continuous training and exclusive attention. The two-day event also included the unveiling of new features in the GE+ and EI120+ products, which now boast the Dinak Seal+, designed for easy installation to ensure product performance.

All Dinak systems are CE and UKCA marked by the most reputable institutions, such as TÜV. Also, the GE+ system has obtained the Type Approval Certification (TAC), a high technical requirement issued by both Lloyd's Register and ABS, which guarantees its technical robustness. 

Dinak has successfully installed these exhaust systems in a multitude of projects worldwide, servicing technically demanding equipment such as power generators used in IT infrastructures, making it an undeniable reference in the sector.

Tech Show Frankfurt 2024. Data Center World 2024.

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