Dinak at Efintec 2023 SPAIN. Renewing the energy model.

This year, Efintec has provided 15.000m2 of space for the most relevant brands to meet at the Montjuïc exhibition center on October 18th and 19th. Dinak has been present with a stand right in front of the Escola Gremial, an interactive space that the organization has created for the attendees.

For two days we have been visited by customers, new customers and colleagues in the sector who have been interested in our products and services, and have been able to know a little more closely and in depth, the wide range of solutions that we put at your service.

Dinak at Efintec 2023
Dinak at Efintec 2023

From options for individual housing, collective, tertiary and service sector or our self-supporting chimneys, visitors showed special interest in the ranges in which DINAK leads the market in Spain: the products related to Generators and CHP, and the Fire Resistance ranges.

In the case of the Fire Resistance ranges, after 40 years in the sector, we offer solutions that not only concern the most basic problems, but we have been able to diversify the portfolio, offering specific high quality ranges that meet the requirements of current regulations:

- EI30 with seal or tightness ring, specific for extraction in industrial kitchens, and which have all the certifications required by the CTE: EI30 in interior and exterior fire conditions, both for vertical assemblies, EI 30 ve (i↔o), and horizontal assemblies, EI 30 ho (i↔o).

- EI120+ SECTORIZATION and FIRE SMOKE CONTROL, the range for the passage of fire compartmentation and Multi-Sector Fire Smoke Control applications, with EI 120 certification: in interior and exterior fire conditions.

- Dinak XT is the ultimate modular solution for single-sector Fire Smoke Control, ventilation and fume extraction in medium and high pressure conditions, and has a higher classification than that required by the CTE for single-sector Fire Smoke Control applications in parking lots (CTE DB SI 3 requirement: E300 60).

Products related to generator sets, data centers, fire pumps and cogeneration systems in dry conditions have the GE+ range, available in different insulation thickness configurations (30 mm, 50 mm or 100 mm) and which has become our best proposal, since in addition to the quality it provides to the installations, it is designed to facilitate assembly, avoiding the use of compensators, since it individually absorbs the expansions of the inner and outer wall.

+info https://www.efintec.es/es