DINAK, specialists in solutions for Data Centers

The acceleration of digitalisation in recent years has led to an explosion in the number of data centres worldwide, making them one of the major drivers of the transformation towards a digital economy. Data Centres play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of businesses and are responsible for the storage and management of data necessary for modern enterprise.

As an essential service, it is crucial that the uninterrupted activity of data centres is guaranteed in emergency situations. For this reason, it is necessary to install power generators to ensure the correct functioning of installations in case of power blackouts.

In this context, Dinak is the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for equipment used in Data Centres and the telecommunications industry as a whole. Depending on the characteristics of each device and installation, it offers the following solutions:


A range specifically designed for Power Generators. The DINAK GE+ range offers the perfect combination of technical robustness and ease of assembly, positioning it as a point of reference in the market thanks to its technical features:

  • A revolutionary joining system which utilizes an external seal to guarantee the highest level of water tightness. Assembly is straightforward and efficient, the solution can be easily taken apart if necessary. This innovative system avoids the pitfalls and challenges associated with traditional conical joints, which require the application of high pressure to fit together, resulting in damage and water tightness issues, especially in horizontal sections or large diameters. Assembly of the GE+ is effortless in comparison, there is no need for high pressure nor sealants when fitting together the pieces. 

  • Thanks to its integrated expansion bellows, absorption of temperature changes is ensured at every joint, both at the inner and outer wall. This means there is no need for additional, often costly and complex expansion bellow elements.

  • It offers extendible elements which are not only watertight, but allow for greater flexibility as they can be adapted according to the intricacies of each installation, giving them the edge over traditional conical systems.

  • Available in three levels of high-density rock wool insulation: 30 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm, allowing optimum adaptation to maximum temperatures required on the outer wall, the type of installation and the prevailing regulations.

  • Two materials options: AISI 316L and AISI 304 stainless steel.


technical and robust exhaust system for the most demanding installations thanks to its technical characteristics: 

  • The flange connections are secured by a V-shaped clamp with a graphite seal installed between them to ensure maximum tightness for the most demanding applications.

  • Suitable for work with both high and low temperatures, it can be adapted to any type of scenario. 

  • It is available in both AISI 316L and AISI 304 stainless steel, as well as 30 mm high density rock wool insulation.

DINAK, specialists in solutions for Data Centres
DINAK, specialists in solutions for Data Centres


Twin wall modular stainless steel flue systems insulated with 100 mm rock wool. It has been specially designed to evacuate exhaust gases from power generators when it is necessary to pass through different fire sectors.

This solution combines all the advantages of the GE+ range with the EI120+ fire resistance classification, preventing the spread of fire from inside to outside and vice versa, both vertically and horizontally.

Custom Collective Flue Pipes

Dinak offers the possibility of using boiler sections in the most demanding layouts, complementing the modular ranges with the versatility and robustness offered by the strong joints and the wide range of metal wall thicknesses and insulation of the flue pipes, achieving the highest levels of watertightness of any exhaust system on the market.

All Dinak systems are CE and UKCA marked by the most reputable institutions, such as TÜV. Also, the GE+ system has obtained the Type Approval Certification (TAC), a high technical requirement issued by both Lloyd's Register and ABS, which guarantees its technical robustness. 

Dinak has successfully installed these exhaust systems in a multitude of projects worldwide, servicing technically demanding equipment such as power generators used in IT infrastructures, making it an undeniable reference in the sector.