Energy efficiency with Dinak, the path to a sustainable future

Every 5th of March since 1998, World Energy Efficiency Day has been celebrated as an initiative to generate awareness and reflection on the rational use of energy. Its main objective is to reduce consumption through reasonable and sustainable use, without sacrificing comfort or the use of goods.

Energy used efficiently or useful energy, is one of the key pillars for achieving UN´s Sustainable Development goals. Also, the current price of energy makes efficiency not only a step towards sustainability, but also towards cost savings.

For over 40 years as a leader in chimneys and flues, Dinak has been committed to the design and development of solutions that use sustainable sources such as renewable gases and biomass. That is why we offer a wide range of products that enable a cleaner and more efficient use of energy.

Efficiency and comfort with Dinak Wood and Pellets Solutions

In domestic applications, wood and pellets stoves have proven to be the most efficient and economical option in the market. Offering energy yields of around 75% and 90% depending on the type of burning fuel, it is no wonder that many homes are now opting to install these types of boilers and cookers for their heating and domestic hot water needs.

When it comes to biomass solutions, woodstoves and airtight boilers are the latest in energy efficiency. These devices take the air for combustion directly from outdoors, thus negating the need to renew the local air and avoiding the consequent heat loss. Thanks to the concentric walls of the Diflux range, the evacuation of combustion products and the intake of air can be combined in a single chimney. An alternative that optimises cost and space.

Renewable gases: a safe and sustainable alternative

Frequently overlooked, renewable gases have multiple advantages. Obtained from the treatment of different types of waste, biogas, biomethane, green hydrogen or synthetic gas, represent a real and accessible alternative to natural gas of fossil origin, which enables progress to be made towards decarbonisation objectives. Ask Dinak for a specific analysis of your case and the composition of the particular gas in order to offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Energy efficiency with Dinak
Energy efficiency with Dinak