Innovative products and solutions tailored to tomorrow's needs


Innovative products and solutions tailored to tomorrow's needs

We are dedicated to innovation and prioritize the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. As part of this commitment, we offer a specialized catalogue of chimneys and ducts for biomass stoves and boilers in our extensive product range.

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QOP (Windows)

Programme for placing quick quotations and orders

It is an Excel-based program oriented to customers with the aim of allowing to make lists of parts of multiple product ranges and diameters, generate budgets or place orders for our product ranges, in a simple, agile and versatile way.

This version supports Windows devices.


Diameter calculation program for modular chimneys developed by DINAK

The program is based on the European calculation standards for Modular Metal Chimneys EN 13384-1 and EN 13384-2. Calculations can be made for individual equipment such as boilers, stoves and generators; as well as calculations with multiple equipment in multi-inlet or cascade systems.

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